• On-Demand Cassette, Slide and Label Printing
  • LEAN Bar-Coded Workflow
  • LIS Integration
  • Print to Thermo Scientific, Leica, Sakura, and Zebra devices
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements

Does your specimen identification workflow include batch processing, handwriting, typing, or double labeling? Two thirds of identification errors occur at these points – as tissue is transferred from the container into blocks or from the block to the slide. [Source: CAP Today Feature Story June 2010]

What if you could integrate your barcode scanners, block, slide, and label printers with your LIS to create a seamless on-demand bar-coded workflow?

“The vendors have the pieces—the bar code generators, the block labelers, the bar code scanners—but they don’t sell you the system that actually manages the whole process. What we need is the software that ties everything together… “

Dr. Nakhleh, chair of the CAP Quality Practices Committee [Source: CAP Today Feature Story June 2010]


A continuous, bar-coded, on-demand workflow, from Accessioning to Pathologist, integrated with your LIS and compatible with all major block, slide and label printers.

Histology Cassettes

Histology Slides

Cytology Slides